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wear problem !?

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Hi guys , first , sorry for my english i'm from Québec.
I'd like to know if you had some problems with the wear of your tires, i'm riding on Hankook V4ES 225/45ZR17, it's directionnal and i rotaded them 3 times last summer (24oookm), they are now done in only 24000km for a treadwear of 420. The inside shoulder is flat and extremely noisy.
I always had 32 PSI and no suspension modification.
I noticed that a lot of you ride on 225/45ZR17, did you have an even wearing on your tires, it is a solution to go back to 205/50VR17, do i need to say that 225/45/17 looks much better.
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i would say it might be alignment rather than tire size.
Last check for alignement was for mi winter tires on January and it was perfect. I thought to go with assymetrical tires to be able to do right and left. What about Nitto or Sumittomo HTRZ III, or mi favorit is Kumho ASX
it's funny, the front looks like there is a lot of camber, but it could be the pic.

maybe somebody else with wider tires will chime in.

i really like the Sumitomos (very sticky, quieter than the RSAs, but might not last long being Max Performance.)
but if you need all-seasons they might not be what you want. i assume it snows up there and/or it gets near or below freezing.
I'm riding on studded winters from the 1 november to the 1 mai so all seasons is not absolutely a must.i droped mi millage from 24000miles to 125000miles so if i can hope 2 summers i'll be good.
For the snow we have aprox. 150 in. per winter, i love riding in a snow storm at night with the yellow fog lights on, the Hankook witer i-pike studded grip like a tractor.
[quote author=tigermack link=topic=134105.msg2884323#msg2884323 date=1232681174]
Alignment specs? Toe?

looks like toe and camber are a bit off! :p
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