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Lol I might run an externally gated 28r on my speed3

skip the 28r son. I can get the PG manifolds with t3/t4 flanges, then you just need to buy a dp and change the flange on it. go turbonetics ;) Super 60 FTW :lol:
man i have heard alot of bad things recently with the turbonetic turbos. good friend of mine was running it on his 503 hp srt4 not sure of the size of the turbo but blew the turbo up. and i got another guy in the shop with a tc who had the turbonetics kit on and not long after his turbo seal blew. idk i just would be careful with it. i would consider a borg warner turbo but just my .02 cents
1 - 1 of 87 Posts
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