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wb5dr -> Zaino'd

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Decided to take some quick pics after the detailing with the new Zaino purchase.. 2 coats of z5, 1 coat of z2, and quick spray of z6 finish. The pics didn't turn out as good as I would've liked them but I was too damn tired to play with the exposure/shutter speeds to perfect it. Grainy..yes i know.

Hope you guys like'em

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that looks really really good.

i used zaino during the 2004 show season....great stuff. i need to call my zaino rep again.
That looks awesome; how long did it take?
nice and shiney :goodjob:
wow, that looks awesome! so shinnnny
FYI, Zaino came out with a new product called AIO (all in one) which is a cleaner, polish, and protectant.

Then they came with another new product called Clear Seal which is a spray on polymer that you wipe on, and let dry (no wiping off). The result is a clear acrylic barrier that lasts 9 months.

A bottle of clear seal runs for $30 though...

I use Zaino products when detailing cars, I just have not used it on my car yet.

So people can use Z-PC swirl remover to remove swirls, then use Z-5 polish/protectant, and top it off with Clear Seal.

Or use Z-AIO, then use Clear Seal, and top it off with the grand finale spray detailer.
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Took me about 2.5 hours. I mixed the z5 and z2 with the zfx accelerant in addition to letting the wax set for 20-30min.
Did you do any claying, polishing, or dawn washing, etc...
Thanks guys

Hourman -> No clay this time, dawn wash and polish with the z2 yes.I usually like to take my time with the detailing but I got a late start this time around.
Your car looks great! If you ever get sick of those wheels I'll take em off your hands :D
What lip is that? I really like it...
Car looks awesome too!
SWEET pics man, very nice and clean and shiny ~~!!!!!!! :goodjob:
[quote author=kyasa link=topic=69654.msg1214519#msg1214519 date=1171768039]
What lip is that? I really like it...
Car looks awesome too!

Garage Vary Lip.

If you're interested, SuperShyGuy sells replicas.
That looks so nice. ! I like the Rims and the GV Lip. What suspension set up are you on?
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