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How much did you pay for the extended warranty? Do they have different platinum and gold (<---Toyota)?

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Canadian info... not sure how different the USA is.

FAQ for Mazda Factory Warranty and Mazda Added Protection Warranty.

What comes with my new Mazda3?

3 years / 80,000 km Comprehensive Warranty
5 years / 100,000 km Power Train Warranty

What is not covered?

What Extended Warranties are available through Mazda?


NC4810 - 48 months / 100,000 km - $455.00​
NC5100 - 60 months / 100,000 km - $999.00​
NC6120 - 72 months / 120,000 km - $1249.00​
NC6160 - 72 months / 160,000 km - $1349.00​
NC7160 - 84 months / 160,000 km - $1799.00​

COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE is the highest level of protection available and is similar to the new vehicle limited warranty. Components that are not covered are considered maintenance and are listed below.

What is Not Covered under M.A.P. Warranty?

What is the eligibility for purchasing M.A.P. Warranty?

English Please?

During the first 12 months or 20,000km (whichever come first) of vehicle service, you may choose to purchase any of the NC plans listed above for whatever the price is at the time of purchase.

As of today the prices listed above are accurate but subject to change without notice

After the 12 months, or 20,000km and before 36 months or 80,000km things change..

1) The NC4810 is no longer available
2) To the above listed price a Late Registration Fee is charged based on mileage. Add $5.00 per 1000km on the odometer at time of purchase.

What are the benefits of having M.A.P. Warranty?

Anything they may have left out on their website?

Alternate Transportation Allowance
Mazda Canada will contribute to the cost of a rental vehicle (upto $35 per day) while your vehicle is at a Mazda Dealer for covered repairs.


Just a head up that as of today, February 17th 2007, this pricing is still valid. But I do expect an adjustment in the next short while.... Typically M.A.P. pricing is subject to change without notice, but history shows that when it goes up, it happens in feb/mar and based on the 2007 enhancements (HIDs, Auto-climate control, side airbags, side air curtains, ABS brakes on all models etc.) I do expect some kind of an increase... IMHO

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Has anyone priced this out in the US? Also, I'd assume that this is model specific, correct?

Actually this is all for the Mazda3. All trim levels.

As for the Mazdspeed3, it is an entirely different trim.
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