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This report is for those who are interested in Warm White LEDs.
Please skip if you like cooler white color LEDs for your interior illumination.

I tried several Warm White SMD LED product for my ROOM/MAP lamp to find that eash product has wide range of "Warm White" rating.

Unfortunately I could not find exact same color temp LED for each bulb size, so I tried filter to match different warm white rated LED's color and here is some note from my work.

First, I would like to introduce product I tried for Room Lamp.

It is G4 base halogen bulb replacement LED for RV, Boat, etc.. 9-16V AC/DC
including controling circuite, all SMD to keep product thin.

Since it adopts AC, DC as well, there is no polarity need to concern for DC vehichle. Also all protection circuit is built in.
I used 2 of this products for ROOM lamp. Conect each bulbs leg parallel and extend line.
Screw and hold down wire end in following picture loction.

As it is advertised, LED color is very much warm, comforting atomospher.
Brightness level is , I would say 20-30% brighter than stock light bulb.

for Mp lamp, I picked this product.
T10 base , also rated as Warm White but is from different product line.
This bulb is direct swap to stock bulb.

Now, here I had small problem

As you can see in the picture, bottom light is ROOM lamp that I installed Warm White LED product in above process. And top right is stock bulb to compare each product's color.
This LED bulb has higher color temp although it's said Warm White. It does seem warmer compare to standard White LED( cool white) however, it is uncool not have matching color for interior illumination.

How To Match LED color

To color filter T10 LED bulb I got to the ROOM lamp one, I used these lacquers.

Top picture is original condition of T10 LED bulb I got this time, and bottom one is after color filtered. ( By filtering color, you will lose brightness as you add more filters)

Here is before and after of color adjustment.
Bottom left is stock bulb to compare.
Top left is original conditon of T10 LED bulb I got this time.
Top right is yellow filtered ( red need to be added)
and bottom right is after final adjustment finished.

Compare to stock bulb, brightness and illumination range is greater. And color adjsutment made LED bulb match to warm, not too flashy, somewhat sophisticated look? lol well, that is very personal preference...

When lights are OFF, they look like this. Orange filtered spot shows on the bulb. I guess this is also personal preference if this is something concerining or not..

Here is night time illumination after color adjust.

Color matching with ROOM and MAP lamp ( LED)

Illumination view over windshield
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