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Wanted: Hood for 05 S Sedan

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So.. someone apparently decided to play Dukes of Hazzard and slide across the hood of my car, resulting in some pretty ugly dents. :( :cry: :wtc: :woah:

and finally, :rtfm: :bitching: :grr: :bash:

To express my emotions upon seeing the damage. Little dents.. everywhere! I want to cry.

Just wondering if anyone who'd maybe purchased a CF hood had their old hood lying around.. or a cf hood lying around. :p I'll take (pretty much) whatever. OEM, CF, some aftermarket stuffs..

BTW: My car is a black mica sedan, so anything in blick mica would be preferred and wonderful!
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i have a black hood sedan laying in my backyard, i don't know how i'm gonna send it to you though... i guess i can rig up a box?
If you could get that to me somehow, I'd lova ya forever.

I'd prefer you take it to like UPS or somethin and have them rig up a box tho.. *shrug*

How much would you want.. and I'd (of course) pay s/h. You can PM me I guess.

Can I see a pic and all, too? lol That's kinda scary it's just chillin in your backyard..?
shit i need one too lol i hit a construction barrelk and have some BAD dents in my hood.
id send my hood its off of a black mica 2006S sedan... let me know
the hood is wrapped in a huge sleeping bag though so it's cool
PM sent, to you both. 8)
is that msg to me? cuz i didn't get a pm. but anyway, i'm still trying to find a way to package this thing.
I thought I had PM'd you as well, but it was just sortof a check up PM. :p Let me know when you can give me a s/h quote.
[quote author=MZ3Boy84 link=topic=66053.msg1133898#msg1133898 date=1167969998]
shit i need one too lol i hit a construction barrelk and have some BAD dents in my hood.

So I took my car into the dealership today...

Guy - "What is that? Hail damage maybe?"

Me - "More like.. male damage."

Guy - "haha, what was that?"

Me - "Oh.. nothing. Yeah, somethin like hail damage. *shrug*"

:( My poor car.
im guessing the shipping to be around 150.00 ... bubble wrap the hell out of it and i wrapped it in sulifane first so no dust or sand/dirt will hit it durring shipping... i also went to a craft store and bought some foam to put on the corners... just so if one of you 2 want to buy my hood its well taken care of
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