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Interesting read. My dad owns an Audi he bought from Mark Motors, at the Montreal Rd location (before they opened Hunt Club).
Long & short, it was probably the lowest level shop monkeys beating the piss out of the cars & almost killing people. It's probably a little routine they had, wasn't the first time, and doesn't look good no matter what. They just need to get a better handle on how their employees conduct themselves on the road. With the way I've heard that dealership is run, I'm sure it was properly addressed. But of course it takes someone like you reporting it, or they have no clue what's going on until someone crashes/dies.

On the other side, we loved the dealership, the people, and the whole experience. W/o getting into lengthy detail, the buying experience was all about the performance machines they sell, and what these cars are 'capable' of. Our salesman was a retired career factory porsche le mans driver, and took us for the test drive of our lives. Needless to say, some rules of the road were bent (big understatement), but not with the degree of stupidity you describe. It was out on less travelled farm roads with almost nobody around. The place is a toy store, and they know how to sell it. If I ever have the money, I'd be back there in a heart beat.

My 2 cents
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