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I posted this on some Audi forums in the Canadian sections also. I wish I could have talked with the officers and got these guys in sh!t. I was applauded by one person so far about it saying that it was good that I followed through with it. Enjoy the read.

I live and work in the east end. Today (March 29) I was driving home on the 417. I got on the 417 at Walkey Rd at the next exit (Innes rd) I see car about to merge onto the 417. In front of me is a car and in front of that is an 18 wheeler. This car, a new black Audi (at the time not knowing what car it is) decides not to be patient and hits the gas to get a head of everyone. Well he doesn't make it. Ends up using the shoulder to merge right in front of the 18 wheeler, who had to swerve to avoid the Audi). Once he gets on the pavement he's still accelerating narrowly missing another car that in the right lane as he gets in the left lane. At that point I notice it has a dealer plate on it. At that point I notice a car right on my a$$ and low and behold it’s another Audi. I move over and he flies past me. It also has a dealer plate on it. They are both still accelerating. I wasn’t doing the speed limit at the point just to see if I could get a good look in the cars or to get a plate number. As they are still accelerating they are weaving in and out of traffic. My guess judging by my speed (too fast at the time) they were going about 170-180km/h. After a few more weaves I decided enough is enough. Accelerating to get onto a freeway is one thing but endangering the lives of others is crossing the line. I dialed 9-1-1. I told the call centre what was going on and she got me to the OPP within 30 seconds. I tell the OPP dispatch what’s going and she took my info. And then they exited and the dispatched transferred me directly to Ottawa Police dispatch. I quickly tell them that I’m 110% sure that they are heading to the Audi dealership on Montreal Rd. He takes my info and I ask if he would like me to meet the officer(s) there. He says yes. By the time I had turned around (I couldn’t make the exit that they took) the officers had come and gone and spoke with the general manager. Of course now the manager is nowhere to be found. I asked the sales person about the black car sitting out front, the 2007 S6. I asked if it had JUST got there and he said yes just minutes ago along with a used Allroad sitting right beside it.
People like this should not be allowed to drive, especially powerful expensive cars.
If the people that were driving read this, you are idiots. I hope you get your license taken away and are fired from your jobs.

The dealership is Mark Motors, an Audi and Porsche dealer. If this is the way they drive an S6, I can’t even imagine what they have done or will do with the Turbo and Cayman that were sitting there.

This is far from over; I will talk with the manager myself and see what comes out of it.

Hope you all will never buy a car from Mark Motors in Ottawa and I welcome your comments.

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