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Its a 2004 Sedan S, in Velocity Red Mica (the best color) with every
option (including nav) except a sunroof (I'm 6'5", I need all the
headroom I can get, especially with a helmet). Mods include:

Racing Sparco NT-R's in Bronze 17x7 (15.3 lbs a piece) with 215/45-17
BFG G-force sports
Progress Rear Sway Bar (with "declunking" shims)
Mazdaspeed intake
Speedline international front grille
Vinyl removed from doors
Voodoo shift knob, pistol grip style
Aux-in audio hack

Nothing too over the top, but I've yet to find a single person who
dislike a single one of my mods, I get asked all the time "is that a
mazdaspeed 3"? Which I take as a compliment. It means they like how it
looks but think its clean enough that it must have been factory tuned
that way. My mom can still drive it and not complain about a stiff
ride or too much noise. I've done the over the top tuning thing on my
integra (my last car), on this car I wanted something that was
definitely improved in many areas, but still approachable to even the
non "tuner". I call it "universal appeal". Its also quite competitive
in STS despite being pretty underprepped for that class; a testament
to how well the stock suspension is set up if you ask me.


my mods

exel radius 17x7 +45
toyo T1R 21/45/17
shark fin painted TIgrey
20% tint all around
sportlines eibach
DDE raptors
silverstart blue turn signal
Pracing eyelids
blue fog overlay (dark blue)
smoked reflectors ( the rear ones)
removed door moldings
remove badging
added sport badge
advance timing
grounded TB
coolant bypass
F2 intake (when 909 will send it to me)
OMP strut bar ( when the guy will come to FL)
TWM (ordered it last night will get it next week)

well that is it.


2005 3s 5 speed with sports package.

Mods are as follows:

5% tint.
Draxas header.
Draxas exhaust.
AEM Intake
TWM Shifter
Sok07 deadpedal
Mazdaspeed pedals
Mazda satin fuel door
Mazdaspeed springs
Mazdaspeed struts
Racingbeat swaybars
XTEC 50watt 6000k HIDs
XTEC hidmatch fogs
Independent fog mod
Sylvania Silverstar highbeams
Sylvania Silverstar turnsignals
Speedline International grille
Accolade Eyelids
Faux leather seatcovers
Eclipse cd8445 headunit with full steering wheel control integration.
17x7 Exel Ennio gunmetal wheels with 215/45 Toyo Proxes FZ4's.
AWR 70 durometer lower motor mount
Sharkfin antennae

I purchased the car on December 11th of 2004, was pretty much a spur of the moment decision that I have yet to regret. This was my first new car, and I absolutely love it, despite the facts I've had some problems with it. Most noteably was when my engine died at the Texas Statewide meet and mazda refused to cover it under warantee because of my header. Which had nothing to do with the engine problem I had, but whatever. I ended up having to rent a U-haul and tow my car 900 miles back home and put a new engine in myself. $1,500 shipped for an engine with 11k miles on sure beats however much Mazda wanted to stick me for. I'm proud to say, that everything on my car has been installed by me, the only thing I've paid to have done is the window tint. I even painted my grille and eyelids myself. I dont have any sponsorships, just a hard working guy in college who loves cars. Recently taken up autocross, which is definantly a blast in this car.


My screename is: PierreB
I'm from Val-David, Quebec, Canada.

Here's my car:

Mazda 3 GT-GFX 2006 Velocity Red

Current mods on the car:

MazdaSpeed Sport Exhaust
MazdaSpeed Cold Air Intake
MazdaSpeed Stabilizer kit (Front/Rear swat vars)
Prolumen 6000K HID
Xtec 4000K HIDMATCH fogs
GV Replica Grille
Red Painted Calipers with MAzda Decals
Stubby Antenna
Hankook k104 tires.

I did not resize the pictures, if you require them to be smaller, let me
know I'll shrug them down.

I hope you enjoy the little photoShoot and hope that my car may become the
Car of the month!



Location: Zion, IL
black mica 2005 mazda 3s sedan.
My Mazda 3 mods:

moonroof deflector

Optima Red Top

Aftermarket Front Lip

Injen Polished Cold Air Intake

Red Brake Calipers

16” Rota Slipstreams

215/50r16 Nitto Neo-Gens

2.5” Stubby

Eibach Pro-kit 1.4” rear/1.2” front drop

Draxas Cat-back exhaust

Pracing Front Strut Bar

Pracing Rear Lower Tie Bar

Progress Rear Sway bar

Xenon Expert pedals & matching deadpedal

Redline Quicklifts

Apexi hyper grounding system


Alpine IVA-W200, custom dash install

Alpine Pxa-H701

Alpine Bluetooth Adapter KCA-100BT

2 8” Innovatek Headrest Monitors

JL 12w6v2 in stealth box

JL 500/1

JL 300/4, both custom Installed

Polk ex357 5x7 coaxials

JL xr650-csi components

1 Farad digital cap

4 turboez and a 1000 shot of NAWZ (j/k)


My name is Jeb and I live near Raleigh, NC. I bought my car new in August
of 2004. It is a 2004 Mazda3 5-door in Titanium Gray. The only options I
did not elect at the time of purchase were NAV and the automatic
transmission. As it sits now, it has 44k miles on it.

After having the car for about a year, I decided to begin autocrossing it.
With the mods the car competes in the STS class in the Tarheel Sports Car
Club (THSCC). Last season was my first full season competing. I ended up
4th in class behind some awesome club veterans and won the 2006 THSCC Rookie
of the Year award.

Below is a list of mods:

Exterior Mods:
Mazda Tribute Black Chrome Emblems
PRacing Front Lip
Mazda Rear Diffuser Plate
JDM Grille
JDM (Corksport) LED Tails
Axela Badge
Sharkfin Antenna
Eyelids from
Hella Supertone Horns
Hella Black Magic Driving lights (behind lower grille)
Silver Star front signal lights
Nokya Ion Yellow Fogs
European Autosport HID match highbeams
Blacked out rear and side reflectors

Engine/Performance Mods:
AWR Rear Motor Mount
Draxas Header
Draxas High Flow Catalytic Converter
Draxas Cat Back Exhaust
TWM Short Shift with 590g Bombshell Knob (stainless)
TB Ground Mod
TB Coolant Bypass Mod
Spin-On Oil Filter Housing Switch
Hawk HPS Brake Pads Front and Rear
Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Interior Mods:
Mazda chrome/Brushed Aluminum side sills
20% tint
Sparco Grip Pedals
Escort Solo II Cordless Radar detector
OEM all-weather rubber mats
2.3 badge on ash tray door (woo-hoo)

Street: Rota Subzeros Gloss Black with polished lip 17x7.5 +48mm direct
drill (hubcentric)
Autocross: MB Motoring Boost gunmetal 17x7 +45mm
Summer Tires 225/45ZR17 BF Goodrich g-Force Sports
Winter Tires 225/45ZR17 Pirelli P-Zero Nero M+S
Autocross tires 225/45ZR 17 Hankook Z212 RS-2
Tein H-Tech Springs
Koni Yellow 4 way adjustable Shocks
Racing Beat Rear Sway Bar
Whiteline Front Sway Bar
GT Spec Front Strut Tower Brace
GT Spec Rear Lower Tie Bar

JL 10w2 subwoofer
JL e1400 amplifier
PIE Adapter
Dell 20gb mp3 player

Not Yet Installed/On Order:
Racing Beat Reinforced Front Endlinks
SPC Rear Camber links

So that is about it. I will attach a couple of pictures to this message and
the others (due to size) in a couple of subsequent messages. A few of my
more recent mods are not reflected in these pics and they are numbered with
lower ones being older than the higher ones).


Well lets see my name is austin im 21 ive been looking at mazda3 forums
since I got my mazda3 in 05. but I don't post much. I have only gone to
2 car shows with my car a local one in savanna and nopi natonals in
atlanta 06. I got first in both events.

Body kit
Shaved doors
Short shift
Custom mazda3 radio(diy on mazda3fourm)
3 gauge pod
In dash tv
2400 wats
X2 12" ma audio hk subs(custom box made by me)
Strut bar
Repainted car
18 inch rims with low pro tires
Many others but small

Next mod is going to be a turbo kit.

I have put some pics in here let me know what you think. Thanks


I am throwing my hat into the ring for the COTM.

I have a 2004 S Ti Grey Hatch. I have tinted the windows with 5% on the
rear windows, and 35% on the front two. I added Mazdaspeed pedals,
stubby antenna, Mint Blue eyelids, Mazda UK Chrome turn signal covers,
and a Mazda UK grille & garnish. I upgraded the tires from the stock
RSA's, to Kumho Ecsta ASX.

I keep the car simple in terms of mods, but make them just subtle enough
to stand out.


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Austin102085 links do not work

I already voted though, one car hit the eyes quick

Good luck everyone nad NICE RIDES !!! :)

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so...i thought knux11 sold his car. and all the stuff in it?

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so why is it up on here if he doesn't even own it?

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well, after seeing all those pics, I have determined one thing for sure, Velo Red Rules. . .

there are some nice cars here, I need to take some better pics, mine kinda suck

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[quote author=knux11 link=topic=68179.msg1176253#msg1176253 date=1170164458]
Vote knux11!!!!!

Did you sell your car? I also noticed this was your first post since October 12th.

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[quote author=Mattleegee link=topic=68179.msg1175534#msg1175534 date=1170122011]
Austin102085 links do not work

I already voted though, one car hit the eyes quick

Good luck everyone nad NICE RIDES !!! :)


Yeah, there's a problem with the links he submitted. I have asked him to send new ones.

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yeah I sold it in august, and had a fire sale of all the a/v stuff. i heard i was up for cotm and had to check it out. funny cuz i submitted my car back in june. now i wish i still had a 3, I looked at a ms3 last month. too bad they r only hatches.

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The clock is ticking. Down to about 48 hours now, methinks!

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YAY! someone other than me voted for me! I feel so special. . .

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i wanna change my vote.

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[quote author=small town king link=topic=68179.msg1178212#msg1178212 date=1170218378]
i wanna change my vote.


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Sorry dude. That's kind of like saying I cast my vote for Bush, but now I'd like to vote for Kerry. Not likely. ;)

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[quote author=RB link=topic=68179.msg1179665#msg1179665 date=1170286676]
Sorry dude. That's kind of like saying I cast my vote for Bush, but now I'd like to vote for Kerry. Not likely. ;)

well considering that austin kid goofed and posted up some badlinks. thats not fair.

he's got my vote. even tho it won't matter, it looks like ag_bullet has pulled this one out

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Speaking frankly, small town king, you are rubbing me the wrong way - in more than one thread.
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