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Vis Evo Hood for 3?

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Ive looked for a good week now and cant seem to find this hood for the 3 instead of the 6.

anyone know where I can get one or one like it if they even make them for the 3 sedan?
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im pretty sure it exists too, and id like to know where also. all i see now it stock OEM cf hoods for 3s i think.
well they have a VIS CF hood but its just plain and looks like the stock. If im gunna swap the hood i want change.
there is a evo hood for the 3. when i get home i'll dig it up.
Extreme Dimensions is actually working on one right now. They told me I"ll be getting the Evo Style Hood around April or May. Street Concepts advertises it but I don't think they ever had it. I was going to buy one from them but it never got made. If you don't mind waiting 4 or 5 months Extreme Dimension will have it. Once I get my hood I may even start a group buy for them.
I could prefer not to :D but if i must I must. It just seems weird to me that VIS would make one for the 6 before the 3...or one and not the other. Hopefully 415 found something that we didnt.
yes if you search, you will find the 3 hear with it.
Let me know, I dont want to spend the money and get a stock style hood.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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