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Vinyl over my '07 moustache?

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I used to drive an red SVT focus, and i roll of red vinyl (like for decals) laying around that looks like it will be a pretty close match to the color of my MS3.  The 'moustache' on the front bumper doesnt bother me too much, but covering it might help a little.  What do you guys think?  Should i cover it?

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I think it could look pretty good with the mustache covered
does it come off? if so, someone should make a grill for it.

but that does look good.

i can't stop laughing from you calling it a moustache. good idea. hahahaha.
it IS a moustache. dang-nabbit.

that looks really good.
Last night i pressed on the 'moustache' with my hand, and it appears to be a seperate piece that ca be removed. However, i'm willing to bet it's just a cover over the front frame supports. I'll probably be doing it this weekend, and will post pics if it's removeable.
I think it would look good.

Just don't go around asking, "who wants a mustache ride?" :)
[quote author=FemGearHead link=topic=64536.msg1106950#msg1106950 date=1166025931]
I think it would look good.

Just don't go around asking, "who wants a mustache ride?" :)

I think it would look good covering the stache.

But, if its not a perfect color match, it'd look like, well, a piece of vinyl laying around that was somewhat close in color ya stuck on.

Not sure how removalbe it is, but I am sure it would be cheap to have a place paint it the exact color of the car....I think that would look a little better.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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