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Ventilated brakes?

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Did a search and didn't find anything.

Does my hatch have ventilated disc brakes? I don't see any "ventilation" in any of the brakes.

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All this means is that the rotors have passages cut into them for addtional airflow. The addtl airflow helps to cool the rotors and dissapate heat. As mentioned above, only the front rotors are ventilated. This is typical for many passenger cars in our market today. The rear rotors are a solid design with no passages for cooling. As the vehicle brakes, the motion is transferred forward, so the front does most of the stopping. This is why you see larger brake components up front and also the addtional cooling, or ventilation you were mentioning.
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OK, I did some research and I think I was confusing ventilated and cross-drilled discs.

Now I know what they look like, and yes, my hatch does have front ventilated discs. :D

Yeah, now you need to upgrade to the cross-drilled. LOL. Just messing with ya. But, when/if you upgrade make sure you do research on cross drilled vs. slotted... People have strong and very different opinions on which is better. Or, there are even rotors with both....LOL.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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