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Hello. I am a small electrical contractor, kind of as a side hussle. Often doing kitchen renos, potlight installations, basement renos. Etc. I work out of my Mazda 3 and its quite adequate for my needs.

I have been contemplating an NV200 or a ford transit. But, these are pricey, and gas is insane right now and my mazda is great on fuel. I was thinking of getting some sort of utility roof rack for my mazda, building some shelving in the back, and it could totally work for my needs. The only issue I have is not being able to fit ladders big enough into my mazda.

So, does anyone have any recommendations for a utility roof rack? Or maybe some examples of custom built racks? Or anyone whos turned mazda 3s into work vehicles?

I know its kind of far-fetched but for my needs I really don't need a gas guzzler and if I could fit my ladders on top it would be the perfect little work vehicle.


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