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US vs European FM frequency range (+)

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Hi there!
I'm new here and I have a question to the US Mazda 3 comunity. I'm from Russia and I am thingking anout a purchase of the US specs used HU (CD or CD/MP3 player) from ebay for my mazda 3. Reason is simple - it is just cheaper then in Russia. I have a concern that US specs tuner will not be able to tune FM stations with odd frequencies (like 99.7; 103.9). Could anyone of you tell me if your tuners while seeking for a new stations show the odd frquencies or not? Your help will be higly appreciated.
Thnaks in advance
Klin and Mazda3
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Yes indeed. Our radios get all the "odd" stations as well here in the US. :jimmyt:
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Yes indeed. Our radios get all the "odd" stations as well here in the US. :jimmyt:
Cool! Thnaks!
umm... if i recall correctly, yes, US tuners can tune into odd frequencies, BUT NOT even frequencies... i don't know if even frequencies are used in europe. so in other words, our tuners start at 87.9, and go up to 107.9, in 0.2Mhz increments, i.e., 87.9, 88.1, 88.3, etc..... also keep in mind that the US mazda tuner does not support RDS... :(
Euro tuners tune in half steps which not all US radios can do. Off the top of my head I know that at least JVC tuners can be set to euro mode, Pioneers cannot. Alpine's might be able to, but I can't quite remember.
Thanks for your answers. You are right I checked it here - our tuners can get both even and odd frquencies. US radio stations are usually set on odd frequencies and it is the reason why most of US readios (made by clarion, alpine, alco etc) don't support even frequencies. But I still have a question if Mazda readio can detect even frequencies or not? Another question is about the manufacture of the HU - mine is made by Sanyo? Don't you know what manufacture makes HU for US specs Mazdas. I heard about clarion and FMS (ford-masda-sanyo) - are they compatible? ANy idea?
I know that US HU's don'r support RDS - but I wouldt'r say that I'll suffer because of that as far as I almost don't use this function.
And one more thing
According to the pic made by one of memebers of this forum US specs HUnits for Mazda 06 are made by sanyo
And as I see from the label FM frequency range is different (87.75 - 107.9 - for US head unit and 87.5 - 108 Mhz for my European specs head unit). Do you think that it prooves that US head unit is unable to track down even frequencies or not?
Sorry for multiple questions.
Klin and Mazda 3
I doubt you'd be able to get the even frequencies. Dont think the US HU is made for it so its doubtful
i know for a fact that the US radios do NOT get even frequencies. read my post above-- each increment is in 0.2Mhz... 87.9, 88.1, 88.3, a tak dalshi...
Ok, got it. Just one more light thing to add - a lot of used US cars are exported to Russia. It is a big business now as far as Euriopean cars are more expensive due to teh difference in exchange rate for euro and US dollar. So to get US frequencies added to the US tuner is not a big deal - it costs about 20 bucks outhere. But:)))) One omore but again - friend of mine has Suzuki Grand Vitara bought in the US and its tuner gets all the friquencies without any modifications. So. thanks again. I'll continue digging this issue.

2SOUTHPAWBOSTON: I am impressed with your Russian

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2SOUTHPAWBOSTON: I am impressed with your Russian

spacibo! :D
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