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Should I keep this unofficial color body type count going?

Unofficial color and body type count

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Hey everyone,

I was going to ask all of you which colors you like and what were the preferences amougst the group.

I am trying to decide whether to get a Solar Yellow or Winning Blue HB. I was gonna do a poll but then ran across the "Mazda3 Owners Roll Call" topic in "I just got my Mazda3" section.

I did a little research (read: counting) and instead of using a poll I'm going to share with you what I found out.

Now the colors are based on the info given and to my knowledge pretty acurate (error of +/- 3). The vehicle types I would say are close but as in most studies I will say they could be in error of +/- 5. This is no way shape or form supposed to be the start of an official count but was done up to the 220th car posted on April 25th. The errors come in to play with lack of info such as color or type.

Today I finally decided to go for the Solar Yellow!

Well here ya go for those that care.

Winning Blue ---- 4 sedans ---- 26 Hatch ---- 30 total

Tit Gray ---- 24 sedans --- 26 Hatch ---- 50 total

Silver ---- 18 sedans --- 16 hatch ---- 34 total

White ---- 4 sedans ---- 4 hatch ----- 8 total

Strato/Indiglo Blue - 5 sedans -- 12 hatch --- 17 total

Sand Mica ---- 2 sedans ------ 0 hatch ---- 2 total

Velocity Red ----- 7 sedans ------ 3 hatch ---- 10 total

Solar Yellow ------ 2 sedans ----- 6 hatch ---- 8 total

Black Mica ------- 18 sedans --- 12 hatch --- 30 total

Oragne ------- 7 sedans --- 15 hatch --- 22 total

Green ------- 2 sedans --- 0 hatch --- 2 total

Misc (couldn't tell) ? sedan ---- ? hatch --- 7 total

Final total (as of 4-25 post car #220) 93 sedans + 120 hatch + 7 Misc = 220 Mz3's

Wrapping things up I found that so far (based only on those who partcipated).:

Tit Gray is most popular thus far [50].
Hatchbacks slightly more popular than sedans [120 vs 93]
Hatchbacks most likley to be seen = Winning Blue and Tit Gray [26 each]
Minority is Green and Sand Mica [2]


EDIT ON APRIL 28th = typo correction from "20" to "120" and added "7" to Misc. Thx for the catch!
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That Winning Blue makes me smile every time I see it. Love to see it around and it always makes me wish for a little more color than my Titanium 'stealth' box.

I'd say overall Mazda did a great job on the colors for these cars. The copper color is good fun (though I've only see one on the roads). That red is damn sexy too... My test-drive car was Yellow which was quite fun (prolly the brightest car I've ever driven). Good fun, good colors.

I think my most desired new color would be a metallic slate blue, somewhat like what BMW has/had on their Z4 (or Mazda used on the M3 Hatch concept car).
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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