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Looks familiar...part of an engine mount?

Might get closer using this:
confirmed it's part of the top plate for the auto transmission mount!

i had to skim through 3 Youtube videos before finding this $48.00 part... yikes, it was left out or missing in others

focus on time stamp 6:12 as it drops into the twilight zone, LoL

& when he retrieves the one that dropped, it seems it was jerry-rigged with weights??? (no idea either for it's purpose)

Font Auto part Art Parallel Line art

i guess the other mechanics or previous owners never bothered to put 39-07Y back to the correct spot during reassembly

ok, here's another youtube of the 2nd gen (2010-2013) with similar rubber/metal bracket/dampener

does the same thing; drops it during disassembly, LoL @ time stamp 15:42
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