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[quote author=NeoSpeed3 link=topic=138376.msg2982096#msg2982096 date=1236551515]
Hi ,
I have a few questions about this part: I dont want do pay the price required to get a CP-E or CObb. Moreover I already have a SU testpipe so I think turbo Xs is the way to go for me.
- What about smock issues with this downpipe?
- I heard the 'Version 2' enables to avoid CEL. Is it true?
- Is there a main drawback to know when running a downpipe /test pipe combo with the stock catback (Excepted the loss of a few hp)?
- With stock catback , does it keep a reasonnable level of noise?

Tahnks for your answers.
[/quote]When you say smock do you mean smog? Anyway, this set up (turboxs is a good way to go.) I'm running the turboxs DP/RP combo (stealth back exhaust) with stock CBE and very happy with it. Any time you do a DP you run the risk of a CEL period, no matter what you do. I'm using the diode cheater fix and no issues. Don't know how the turboxs will mate up to the SU test pipe though. I'm in the frame of mind that keeping the same manufacturer's parts together for proper fitment is the best way to go... Nothing fits perfectly when going after market, especially when trying to get different companies parts to match up together.
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