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The 6spd auto is somewhat 'strange' for me to get used to...coming from a 5spd manual.

6th gear is never touched unless you are 45+.

One quip I have with the auto tranny...When you are on the highway cruising in 6th it will constantly downshift into 5th at the slightest hill or slight touch of the gas. It seems too eager to get into 5th, like it isn't comfortable in 6th or that 6th gear is too high of a gear.
Get your TCM reflashed, there is a reflash available for the busy shift that you are experiencing.
OH and the tranny is an AISIN Six Speed Unit, rated for very high numbers of torque and power, this is the same tranny in the Upcoming Hyundai Genesis V8, and already in the XC90 V8 AWD and S80 V8 AWD.
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