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I had my car at the body shop whom my parents new and I had my dad ask the owner to touch up the back of my car that had 1/2 inch chip on it. After getting my car back i looked at the touchup and from a distance you can't tell but looking at closely it looked very muddy and smudgy. I believe they just slapped it on there and i was actually expecting professional finish but I guess not. I was actually looking to do this myself way before but didn't have the time to as i have the lanka system to do this... So my question is

1. Is there a way to remove this touch up somehow and i do a more cleaner smoother job via the lanka system?
2. if yes, what process should i take? do i need to just masking tape the area where i don't need to touch and sand paper the bad touch up job? what sand paper do i need?
3. or if there is different process for this let me know..
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