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Too all my boost peeps - CHECK out these new pics!

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Couple of fall backs but now i'm back on track! :banana:
Jake and I are gonna be slapping on a gt2871rs turbo upgrade and some forged internals to put me in the 300's.
But here are some sweet ass pics i took at a nearby airport.

Tell me what you guys think?
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damn dude way to whore your pics in every thread. haha looks good, except the gap between the hood and grill
not a fan of the b-kit but you still got a nice car...

are you still running the e-manage?? still got problems?

What internals are you going to buy?
Are those real chrome door handles or just the fake stick on shit?
the gap came that way... its ACCOLADE.. they are bullshit dont go to them. i eventually will get the kit refited. Im gonna get pauter rods wiseco pistons,. maybe a 9.1 compression.
and the door handles are stick on shit.. but it looks clean, corresponds with the mirror lip.
humm...dont you find the 9.1 cr a bit high??
Still running e-manage?
Thats one hot 3 !
Sorry but anything stick on is rice IMO.

nice to see u got rid of the fartcan.

i luv that kit, but the hood gap is fugly.

ps: wrong section!
Your car looks fast unlike mine, looks good for a sedan.
[quote author=Fox Fader link=topic=72347.msg1277721#msg1277721 date=1174358281]
looks good for a sedan.
[/quote] :lmao:
I think it looks good.

There are a lot of "picky" people on these forums. If it's not perfect, they will point it out... I suppose that's good though because it raises the bar for Mazda3 representation. :)
That front bumper looks familiar...............
i love how it looks from the front but the back looks almost stock....
What kind of rims are those? are they 18's?
looks kick ass man. One of the few sedans I like. But Im not diggin those chrome door handles.
could u exaplain to me what u did with ur lowering and the kind of body kit u have. it looks like u dont have anything on the back and im trying to lower my car and put and atleast put a front lip on
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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