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Titanium Grey Metallic - Very Dissapointing

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After spending a good month doing research, getting prices and figuring out my financing options, I went to a local dealership today to check out the 3 in person. Up until that point I was debating between Titanium Grey Metallic, Indigo Blue Mica, and Velocity Red Matallic.

Seeing the Titanium Grey Metallic on the lot left me incredibly disappointed however. Given, the car was jus slightly dirty (thanks to last nights snowfall) and wasn't freshly waxed, but it really came across as a bland stone grey rather than the shiny, sparkly matallic I had expected. Has anyone else been disappointed seeing Titanium Grey Metallic in person?

I ended up smitten with Indigo Blue Mica, and ended up ordering that.
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I had a similar reaction to you about the Tit Grey, but not until I saw it a few times at the dealer and at my local auto show. Also the fact my mom thought it was kind of dull, helped me decide to go for the Sunlight Silver.

I loved the way the silver sparkled in the sun, in a way the Tit grey didn't. Also I saw a Tit grey slightly dirty, and I wasn't impressed, unlike the silver which still looked fine.

I love the velocity red as a color on the Mazda3 but it stands out to much for my taste/personality. The Indigo/Strato Blue is a very dynamic color, which looks great during the day, but IMO looks too purple under certain lights.

To be honest though, there really isn't a "bad" color for the Mazda3.

Good choice and hopefully the wait isn't too painfully long :)
You're not the only one. Tit Gray was my first choice until I saw it in person. Fell in love when I saw the blue :D
Winning BLue!!

heheh I am getting my mazda 3 HB next week >< I reallie cant wait!! I saw the Tit Grey Matallic at the dealer and I thought it was ugly lol ... Winning Blue is the way to goo!! Wish me luck on my new car :p
Good luck :nsmile:
Yea, unless the Tit Gray is waxed, it looks a bit dull. I still liked it over the other color choices (although I would have taken black).
gotta love velocity red ;)
I had to go for a drive to the dealer's overstock lot to see a Velocity Red in person. I really liked it, but decided on Indigo Blue because I liked it just as much, and not standing out like a sore thumb to cops is definitely a good thing.

It's true that the 3 doesn't look bad in any colour (I saw a 4-door in Sunset Orange Mica on he road, and it looked surprisingly good), and the Titanium Grey does give it that BMW look, but I just found Tit Grey underwhelming versus all the marketing pictures.
Nice, I wish we had more blue ones around here to look at. I've seen the orange and silver on the roads.
I was all into the Tit grey until I took one for a test drive and got it dirty on the highway (road film). Once I got it back it looked so dull and blah that I switched to the Red and never looked back.
Same here...actually the one reserved for me that was on a train was Ti grey....I was getting the hatch and the more I was looking at it I just found that hatch was too fun to put a gray I went with winning blue. Luckily they had one on the same train...

Been about 3 months now that I have the car and I can say that I'm so glad I made that decision...Ti is nice but on the sedan. That's my opinion.
titanium grey doesn't reflect as much as other colors.. so it's kind of dull even under sunlights... so it's never my choice

i chose silver becoz it looks really shinny with the metallic coat. Blue was my second choice.. but i'm planning to mod the car in the future.. and the body kit parts will show more on a lighter color.. that's why i got my silver.
I just got my sunset orange on Saturday....beautiful!!!!! a lot better than what I was expecting...I looooooooooove it!!!!!!!!!
I don't know what you expected from Titanium grey. Its GREY for goodness sake. Grey isn't best known for being flashy or shiny etc. I think the tit grey is the most classiest color out of the rest and will remain so for years to come. AS someone else had eluded to earlier, it gives the 3 the classier "BMW" look. Most BMWs have the same variation to the tit grey, on the build a BMW page, most all products have tit grey as well.

Long live tit grey.

If you don't like it or are disappointed, go buy your blue or red or yellow. simple as that.
with the grey, it's either you LOVE it, or you HATE it.. there's no happy medium. For me, I LOVE the tits grey. It's such a classy color. It totally makes the sedan looks more luxury then sporty. As tits grey on the hatch, now I think that looks funny.
why doesnt

Hey guys, just joining this club because I believe I will be getting my own Mazda3 this coming week. However I've seen people choices on color and so far, not many (hardly any) has gotten white. I was just wondering why cuz I looked at it and it looked clean and very nice. So I thought if nobody wants white, I'll get it lol.
grey and silver are the most popular colors on any car. they hide the dirt really well. haven't seen too many people choose white though. make sure you get your windows tinted! to me, that's the only way to make the white look downright awesome.

Limo Tint. It will prolly look very clean. where in tx are you? Im in dallas.
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kplayon said:
Limo Tint. It will prolly look very clean. where in tx are you? Im in dallas.
It's in her profile...Houston. Speaking of profile, you should write where you are in yours. A mod will tell you to do that anyway eventually. ;)
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M3-GT said:
kplayon said:
Speaking of profile, you should write where you are in yours. A mod will tell you to do that anyway eventually. ;)
Like now :)

So do it :twisted:
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