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I'm not really sure if this is the proper forum area, but considering the purpose is to protect my rims then I thought this may be the place!

I don't use my car very much during the week at all, sometimes not at all. It actually hasn't been moved in a few weeks, but I was away. I don't drive it to work and it's rarely out in the snow. However, I feel the need to put the black steel rims and keep my original 2007 3 17" snowflake like rims for summer.

I am not sure whether to go for 17" rims/tires or 16"s. I'm told if I go 16"s I'll need to have the car realigned whereas with the 17s I wouldn't have to have it aligned. I don't know what to do, but want to pick up the tires and put them on myself rather than have a place like Canadian Tire, etc. put them on because I know they're not always super careful and I take great care of my car. 17s I'm sure would cost me a ton more than 16s. Any suggestions by any of you experts because I don't have a clue and I need to do something ASAP and stop talking about it!

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