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This is a great list of MT shifting pointers -
Since you are new, don't get too wrapped up in the toe to heal stuff. Just learn to shift smoothly so you won't wear out your clutch in a hurry or do any harm to the drive train. I would emphasize two things:

1) Don't ham fist it! Someone above already mentioned it but it's worth mentioning again. Don't force the lever into gears - use a gental nudge when moving from gear to gear. If it's hard to shift, you are not lined up properly or the car (tranny) has not warmed up enough. There's nothing worse than a Kaptain Kruch gear box (notchy) to take the fun out of spirited driving with a 5-speed.

2) Don't ride the clutch - or a better way of putting it, don't get into the habit. Take you foot off and away from the clutch pedal when you have finished your shift. Also, when you come to a stop, put it in Neutral and release the clutch. Lastly, don't use the engine for slowing down (at least until you have learned toe to heal) - put it in neutral and use the brakes - you've got 4 wheel disc and ABS to bring you to a stop. Why use an engine that costs $1000's rather than brake pads that cost under $100 (I don't mean you can't down shift, just don't do it to slow down the car)
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