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Think I may have burnt out my radio : (

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Yea, so I'm a total newbie at this stuff... well might as well be. I had my amp and sub all set up except I had the remote wire rigged in through the main power from the battery... as you all know after a couple times of my battery dying I got annoyed and disconnected my amp. I have let it sit idle for about 3 months and just decided to run the remote wire today. I was looking on about 50 different sites and finally found where someone said you can use the Yellow wire w/ grey dots from teh back of the stock head unit for the remote wire. So i tapped into that and plugged it into the remote spot on my amp. Nothign happened...idk why i tried this but then i decided hmm. maybe i should tap this to the power cable and see if my amp turns on. There was a little spark then nothing.... after that no sound, no lights, nothing my from stock cd player. It won't come on or anything. the only thing it after i think i burnt it was i was hitting all the buttons and when i hit the eject cd button it ejected my cd. Now its dead.....does anyone know what I did wrong... and also if my radio is toast or maybe its just a fuse I can replace. PLEASE HELP :( (( ( ( ( (
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Sparks are not good all the time :).

Yellow wire was the right one to tap off from - it's ACC/Ignition.
Have you tried the stereo with the amp disconnected?
I am not sure if you blew a fuse or not - what you did should not have affected the stereo - only if you tapped off the power to the stock stereo then it would most likely be a fuse.

Let me know.
+1 to fuse; Check your fusebox
ok...cuase my damn cigerette lighter blew a fuse there, it just stopped working one day... and i have been trying to figure out where the hell its at... Ill check it out... thanks
+1 to the fuse, has to be a fuse.
yup sure enough it is the damn fuse... bought a pack of them at autozone... just in case...
i popped fuses in my zx2 more times then i can count. It became a hobby after a while. If something stopped working, check fuses. Easiest fix :)
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