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I'm coming off a 2005 Mazda 6i Hatchback manual. I loved it EXCEPT for the throttle-to-engine delay.

With my new 2015 3 Touring, the delay is gone. I can blip the throttle on downshifts!

Ok, lots of complaints. Why'd I buy it? A test drive didn't show the issues and the wife really wanted another Mazda, but the new 6 has become a bloated Hippo.

On to the issues;
The trans is a little notchy and not extremely smooth
Noisey back end
left door console unlock illumination is useless. I have to turn on the interior lights to see the controls
The command Screen SUCKS! I really hate the way it sticks up with the battery charge indicator.
$1800 for the GPS? They're nuts! So there's this useless Command screen. I'm tempted to tear it out and put in a standard radio.
Command Screen: most menus turn knob left to scroll down. fuel economy turn right to scroll down
no off on radio
Put it into reverse immediately after starting and the backup camera shuts off in favor of their "CYA" driving warning. WTF?
wiper stalk & steering wheel spokes block start switch. Sure it's adjustable...right out of my comfort range.
pressing door unlock and unlocking all doors is problematic
car passing system is annoying and useless. The distance should be software disable option or distance selectable. Obviously the designers have never driven in NNJ
windshield spritzers below hood where snow collects & blocks their use when you need them with a filthy salt covered road.
roof too wide. The 6i was a pita to wax the roof. This is wider, taller, and tougher.
squeaky instrument pod.
The software is obviously desigtned for max gas mileage. And the manual is touting "You know best". Then fix the software! The gear ratios are too short for a power launch.
I never understood the small rear wiper arm. I'm calling mine "Stubbie". It's useless.
The aerodynamics of the rear hatch are terrible. exhaust, road spray, debris gets sucked up behind the car and the rear gets incredibly grimy.
The old 5i 5 spoke alloys were nice & easy to maintain. These new alloys are a pain! tough to get a soft bristled brush in there to clean the inner rim. I'm always getting caught on the brake dust guard.

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Two weeks in, I'm mostly loving my 2013 I Grand Touring hatchback that I got with only 15K miles on it and still looking and smelling new. There are, of course, a few things I don't like:

-The sunroof controls. They're not bad, but also not anywhere near as good as the sunroof control (notice the singular) of the pair of Mark IV Golf/GTIs that preceded this car in my driveway. VW uses a single knob. Turn it left to retract the glass, turn it right to raise the glass. The knob has notches along the way in either direction. Turn it to any notch you like for partial opening or partial closing. Once turned, you can remove your hand and the car does the rest. This holding the switch until the roof closes thing blows, as does having a separate switch for retract or raise. VW had this nailed on a car that came out for the *1999* model year; LAST CENTURY. C'mon Mazda, you can do better.

-The blue LEDS that shine from the ceiling onto the centre console, and from the door-handles onto the window switches. Referencing my former VWs again, every switch in those cars was internally illuminated and they all dimmed with the dashboard lights. The LEDs are just kind of tacky, and if you can't find the shifter in the dark you've got bigger problems, especially since it's in the perfect position to be found if you're using the armrest.

-The ignition switch functions. My car has the 'advanced keyless' setup, which is mostly pretty cool and I've been surprised at how easily I've taken to it. That said, I wish the ACC function would stay on after the engine is stopped but then shut off when, say, the door is opened or the button is pressed again, whichever comes first. Having it shut off with the engine is not only clunky, but I think it encourages people to leave the engine running after parking if they want to hear the rest of what's on the radio, and that flies in the face of Mazda's commitment to fuel efficiency.

-The sunglasses compartment. OK, overall I do like this feature, but it could stand to be just a little bit deeper. My shades -which aren't huge- have to be placed kind of carefully for the latch to engage when closing the compartment.

-The fact that only the front left window has an 'auto' switch. Yeah I know, everybody's favourite gripe. Again, VW had a better setup last century with auto switches on BOTH front windows. If I had my druthers, all four would have it.

-Driver seat headroom. I'm 6'4" and long-waisted, which means that I have a long torso- which means that I REALLY need headroom. I have the electric seat but to get enough headroom means that I have to lean the seat back a little more than I'd hoped. If the seat would just go down toward the floor a LITTLE more, less than an inch more, I'd be totally happy.

-The appearance of the shift-knob. I have the automatic. Its knob has a round insert on top, looks like the kind of clear rubber 'bubble' that tops self-adhesive logos on all sorts of stuff in our modern world- except there's nothing under this bubble, it's just black. Looks tacky as hell, like they forgot something, and I plan to replace it with a full-leather knob as soon as I find one that I like.

-The silver plastic interior trim. For the top-of-the-line version of the car, this too looks tacky, especially with the black leather seats. I'm pondering some sort of cosmetic upgrade for these too.

-The audio system. I have the full-boat system with the nav and Sirius and Bluetooth and all that. Now don't get me wrong, it's MOSTLY great- but to only have a measly TWO bands (bass & treble) in the EQ settings? Seriously??? And the Bose speakers are a bit weak in the bottom-end, which unfortunately supports the gripes I usually hear about Bose equipment.

-The LED gear-indicator. The glowing orange D looks like a big zero glaring at me, and it's pretty hard to ignore. Worse yet, it doesn't dim- EVER. Seems like no car manufacturer can get every light in the dashboard onto the dimmed-illumination circuit, and Mazda is no exception. I wonder why they all fail on this? Maybe I can get a small scrap of window-tint put over it or something.

Of course none of these things was dealbreaker, obviously, and I can certainly live with all of them- they're much more niggles than red-hot gripes. I know that the new generation didn't add any additional auto-switches to the windows, but I wonder if some of these other things saw any improvement.
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