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All the driving excitements begin with engaging the first gear. Gear shifting is the important key to control over your ride. The positive feeling of your hand ensures the precise engagement of gears. It's all about when it comes to true performance driving is getting the right gear.

Most factory stock shifters are not designed for racing environment rather suited for everyday driving. An aftermarket short shifter is a great option! It will provide a sportier feel while changing gears. Installing an aftermarket short shifter is usually very easy, requiring that only a few bolts and/or retaining clips be removed in order to install the new shifter.

ARK Performance offers the most advanced shifter on the market with no expense spared in engineering, materials, or function. Their Short Shifter comes complete with ARK trademark Apollo knob, and allows for faster shifting with a 38%-45% reduction in throw. It is available for the Mazda 3 2004-2015.

With a right performance shifter the racing become faster and more exciting!
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