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I am considering buying a Speed3 in the next year and I would like user feedback on those who have the vehicle. Simply quote this post and type your response below each question to respond. Thanks!

1. What did your Speed3 cost, what options do you have?

2. What do you think about the overall comfort the Speed3 offers, (Front seats, back seats, pedal spacing) and how tall are you?

3. What do you think about the interior styling of the Speed3? (Gauges, styling, climate controls, audio controls, directionals, wipers, etc.)

4. How do you feel about the manual gear changing action of the Speed3. (i.e. Clutch movement, feel, shifter feel, etc.)

5. How do you feel about the exterior styling of the Speed3, and what color is yours? For any True Red owners, is it a darker red like on the website, or a lighter, orangish red. How noticeable is it? (in relation to the Po. :lol:)

6. How long have you owned your car, how many miles are on it, and have you had any problems with it?

7. How is your fuel economy. On average, how many miles per gallon do you get, and how many miles do you get overall on a tank?

8. Lastly, how does this hot hatch ride in comparison to other cars you've owned.

Additional comments / questions.....

I know this was lengthy, but this is the most complete way to collect user info without creating 50 million threads. I appreciate all who took the time to fill this questionnaire out. Thanks guys! :D
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