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the long awaited.....SEDAN GFX/"S" GV REPLICA

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ok, so this item isn't painted, but i met up with SSG yesterday so he can test fit it on a white car to give people a better impression of how it will look painted. Here are the pics.

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Sorry kinda of off-topic. But roughly what would a body shop charge to paint this?

Also I assume I would save money if I got a bunch of things (eyelids, grill) painted at the same time right?
Does the lip come with hardware to mount it? Or is that pretty easy to do on my own?
Looks good.

What did paint/install cost you?
[quote author=doulik3 link=topic=68501.msg1275565#msg1275565 date=1174277322]
meh my buddy helped me install it so nothing..maybe i owe him a beer :p
What about the cost of getting it painted?
I prefer SSG's lip. I think in person you wouldn't even notice that gap.
But it is a downside none the less.

But honestly in my opinion that lip on the black car looks like it was designed for a different car. It doesn't flow with the cars lines. And it covers the black honey comb grille.
1 - 5 of 96 Posts
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