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the long awaited.....SEDAN GFX/"S" GV REPLICA

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ok, so this item isn't painted, but i met up with SSG yesterday so he can test fit it on a white car to give people a better impression of how it will look painted. Here are the pics.

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the hatch one should fit flawlessly. this one, i'm not surprised if it has tiny gaps that, really, only the driver is going to notice. any body shop would probably be able to touch it up if you're getting it painted / fitted there as well.

people are quick to criticize but this one looks very nice, especially since nobody else makes it.

all of ssg's products are fiberglass, which is why i think i might skip the lip. i'd need some abs plastic, not something that will likely crack with a bad scrape... and they happen.

Nothing sucks more than pulling into a parking spot with a curb and pushing the lip up and over the curb... :bitching: I've never done this before, but I've come close. Seeing as this is fiberglass, if this were to happen, you could pretty much count on having a damaged lip.

Even though it is fiberglass I really like it. And like biped mentioned...any good body shop can fill in the gaps when they install it. They may even be able to reinforce the lip on the inside. I haven't decided on which lip to get yet, but I always either back in or not pull all the way into parking spaces with curbs or parking blocks to avoid any front end damage.
1 - 1 of 96 Posts
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