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The Little Things you LIKE about the Mazda 3

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Ok, we have a complaint thread, and after searching I didn't find a thread that relates to this...

What are those little things about the vehicle that surprised you, impressed you, made you smile or go "wow!"

My list begins with:
-Both sunroof buttons being able to close the sunroof
-Red lighted ashtray - very cool and great attention to detail there, I think.
-Blue light over the shifter is just way cool ...
-The rear-middle seat buckle holders in the seat, just making them sit flush, great thinking, Mazda!
-One of my personal favorites: The Tach needle has a little blue fiber-optic bit in it that turns blue on the tip of the needle when you reach red-line. Very cool indeed :D

That's my list so far... I'm sure people have others that I haven't even discovered yet, and perhaps I alerted you to something new as well :D

So ... what little details surprised you?
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ruff said:
I like the one touch open or tilt on the sunroof. Also in the rear part of the hatch were you can lock the floor cover up to keep stuff from rolling around in the back of the hatch. Thats very slick.
What do you mean in the hatch you can lock the floor cover up?
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