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The Little Things you LIKE about the Mazda 3

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Ok, we have a complaint thread, and after searching I didn't find a thread that relates to this...

What are those little things about the vehicle that surprised you, impressed you, made you smile or go "wow!"

My list begins with:
-Both sunroof buttons being able to close the sunroof
-Red lighted ashtray - very cool and great attention to detail there, I think.
-Blue light over the shifter is just way cool ...
-The rear-middle seat buckle holders in the seat, just making them sit flush, great thinking, Mazda!
-One of my personal favorites: The Tach needle has a little blue fiber-optic bit in it that turns blue on the tip of the needle when you reach red-line. Very cool indeed :D

That's my list so far... I'm sure people have others that I haven't even discovered yet, and perhaps I alerted you to something new as well :D

So ... what little details surprised you?
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I have started to really like the small cubby next to the shifter - my cell phone fits perfectly in it, and the phone doesn't move around much at all.
Smokin said:
No (or minimal) understeer?!?!
hmm..........I've experienced plenty of understeer as well as massive torque steer. Maybe the car was designed for the 2.0 liter engine? :shock:

Same problem with the MazdaSpeed Protege`. Journalists were ooing and aahing over it's amazing handling (some Road and Track issue). My brother owns one and I thought it's handling is crap. Especially the limited front differential that kicks in at corners. Feels real shitty.

Aside from that. I concur with other posters about the lil things that are just too amazing for this class.
I find myself anticipating understeer, but ending up steering too much around some curves ( hitting the center line/warning markers), as the steering is very reponsive. But, I do seem to have to constantly make slight corrections when the wheel is on-center. Overall I love the steering of the Mazda3, and is certainly better than the heaviness of my former 97 Contour V6.
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