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The Axela badge snags one!

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So I'm Getting off the Bethpage parkway onto central ave on my way to work this morning and I'm coming up on a black hatch so I make this little bet in my own head every time I see one on the road whether or not its going to be just some random middle aged man or woman that has no desire to do anything to the car or not. So I catch up and its a younger person probably around my age and I pass him then I notice hes rocking the 07. Get up to a light and he starts asking me about what axela is and all that jazz so I explain it to him and tell him that he should check out the forums to get all sorts of good info on the car. So hopefully us LIers will have another one added to our ranks.
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haha yeah i wish there were an easy way to inform people about these forums! They really should move the Regional forums up higher so people can find there local 3ers easier. This forum can be a bit intimidating at first to the average person, there are soooo many!
take the Image file to staples on something like flash drive or CD and have them print about 8-10 images on one piece of paper, then cut them into business card sized pieces.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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