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Live in Virginia and just test drove a M3-sedan Sport. Only options was sport package with sill ext. and 17" wheels. Winning Blue. Will be buying (hopefully a M3 in June/July).

Very nice drive.

Good points:
1. fun to drive
2. very peppy motor (currently drive of a Corolla CE)
3. heater worked great (unlike some other posts) weather was around 30F
4. controls on steering wheel
5. glove box was actually a big shelf and not just the regular pigeon hole
6. great visibility from sides and back window
7. instrument panel
8. enormous trunk space
9. exterior lights (looks are nice)
10. very adequate back seat room

Minor bad points:
1. wimpy horn/signal
2. average sound system
3. seats a little stiff but liked the color shades
4. no arm rest but most small cars do not have arm rests
5. no rebates for me; currently $500 loyalty and/or $500 for recent college grad

For the money, I think this car is the best in its class. BTW, did not notice any CEL or Air Bag problem.

Kevin :D

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Great to hear :)
People's reviews keep me getting pumped up about this car :)

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"3. seats a little stiff but liked the color shades"

I can say that they do break in nicely after a time. New seats of any type will tend to be a bit firm to start with but after nearly 2 months I don't find them overly firm.

"4. no arm rest but most small cars do not have arm rests"

No arm rests? Where are we talking here because in the front there are rests on the doors and the console is big enough to use as a rest as well. Are you talking about in the middle of the rear seat?

Glad to hear you liked it though, it is a great car.
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