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Test Drive Date

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Anyone spoken to a dealer about a test drive date? I was just told 1st week of February.
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Welcome aboard Saru and AlmostExactly (please enter your location).

With seemingly conflicting information flying around, I would not dare hazard a guess as to when the cars will be made available to the public. All I can ask is - whoever drives one, post your review ASAP!! :p

Reading the reviews from the global lauch in Chantilly by Aussie and NZ mags/newspapers, the feedback is generally very positive, except that the tyres can be noisy at speed. However, downunder models should get different tyres so hopefully, no complaints there.
Wow! Now we have just about at least one representative from each of the major capital cities. Would have thought the release is Australia wide, but it is possible that Syd and Mel dealers may get some stock first, hence the conflicting dates. Dunno... just speculating.

Sorry to hear that you'll miss the M3 debut CBT. But the way we're going, maybe it won't even have reached the dealers by the time you get back!
Saw an ad for the facelifted Mazda Tribute last night. So perhaps the ads for the MZ3 won't start for while, unless Mazda decides to promote a couple of models at the same time (MZ2 facelift also coming this month). To be honest, I'd rather not see advertising for the MZ3 for a while... at least until I get mine, so that:

a) I get good choice of colours
b) Maybe some sort of a deal as dealers kick-start sales. If they see a queue at the door, well you can't blame them for not giving discounts.
c) and of course, I get one before the roads get saturated with them, because believe me, they will sell like hot cakes! :lol:
Either that party is specific to that dealership, or my dealer doesn't like me anymore. Of course, I could always drive to Belconnen...

BTW, are dealerships open on Australia Day? If I remember correctly from last year, I think they are in Sydney.
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