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Test Drive Date

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Anyone spoken to a dealer about a test drive date? I was just told 1st week of February.
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Hmm.. I dont see why they should be able to let you test drive from the day it comes in?! (I kinda get that impression from the newsletter mazda sent out, as they said "... starting mid janurary..."

Well, I guess we'll find out in a couple of days!
Sheesh. Dates flying all around the place! (im still hopin my dealers gets them on the 14th:))

And yes, welcome AlmostExactly, Jocco and Saru .. Nice to have some more aussies around here! T'Was getting a tad lonely!

This week is kinda gonna suck for me. Im away for .. well, the part that counts. From early wednesday morning, and get back mid sunday.

If I could, id be down to my dealer on that wednesday. (I was going to leave late wednesday, but now my situations changed and i have to leave earlier :cry: ).

Should probably add that im in brisbane.. I'll add that to my profile in a jiffy. And I think ill have to buy a paper when I go out country!
Ive been told that my dealer will be getting 70 3's in this week (starting wednesday, for lauch on thursday, which is why i wanted to stick around wednesday), yet no one else has info that confirms that in the slightest.

And Jocco, from what my dealer has said, they've had the MZ3 sitting in the state holding yards for 2-3 weeks now. But yeah, no one really knows whats going on.. Expessially me :)

Nothing changes. Confusion! :D
The interest is there.. however, im not sure how wide spread it is at this time, because not everyone is internet-savvy (hence dont know how wonderful the 3 is:) - as had been said in other places around this forum).
Ok, im getting the thursday the 22nd for the info night (launch) .. although as far as im aware, they'll have MZ3's in before then!? :?
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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