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not sure if anyone is into the japanese suspensions over the german and american type set ups that are being sold right now (Eibach, H&R) but i think some people should keep an eye out for the brands Tein and JIC Magic if you are planning to lower your car aggresively or not... also if you are worried about camber, toe, etc. then you should especially look for these brands.

they probably will be pricey when they are released but I know for a fact that the suspension for the mazda3 is being worked on right now... both JIC and Tein released suspension upgrades for the Protege and especially Tein will probably release the setups for the 3 soon... ive seen it in the catalogs at the store i work at... its listed TBA.

the reason im bringing these up is because if you ever rode in a car with these suspensions then you'll know the ride is great very close to stock but with that looks that you might want to get, it's got adjustable dampners on some setups as well as ride height adjustments... some even come with upper camber mount correction plates so that you can easily adjust the camber... these are the FULL suspension setups and cost over a grand list price... kind of pricey but it's convinient and most setups are well balanced for performance and ride quality as well as aesthetics...

but if you are worried about your factory warranty then changing out the whole suspension intact is a lot easier to do around servicing time as compared to having to take apart the suspension to decompress and compress the aftermarket springs so that you can put in the stock ones. this is what i did on my other car, i just had a replacement aftermarket suspension setup that i rode on during car show times and a stock suspension to put in during servicing... my warranty for suspension was never voided. i know its decietful but hey it works for me.
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