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targus' Sunlight Silver 3

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I got a killer deal on my 3. It has 6cd changer, 5spd, 2.3L, side sill extensions, rear spoiler, fog lights, sunroof, and 17's for 19K. btw...I love this f***in car.
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Congrats.... I will also be getting a Sunlight Silver Mazda3. Did you get the sedan or hatch? Also, what dealer did you purchase yours at?
I have already reserved my sedan, and I can't wait! :)
What was MSRP?
EnFuego138 said:
What was MSRP?
I was wondering the same thing. Does the 19K include taxes, title etc. Also, did you get any other packages?
its a sedan and the taxes and title was included in the 19k
enfuego...i got it at Ladd Hanford in Lebanon
oh sorry that was to imppsu not enfuego
msrp was a little under 21k
taxes and title included? geez, so you paid only about $17,500 with all those options?
yeah...the dealer gave me this deal because im in the military and just got back from iraq and his son is over there right now.
Just was the MSRP a little below $21k?

By the description of the car you got the 3s sedan with the following as options:
Moonroof/6-cd Package
Sport Package
Rear wing or lip spoiler

Invoice on Edmunds is $17,321 for that config and MSRP is $18655...still sounds like a decent deal though...congrats. :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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