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Hey guys,

For anyone interested we'll be out taping runs at the street legals at California Speedway on March 7th. We'll also probably be bringing a BBQ and a pop-tent so if anyone wants to join us and hang out for the day, let me know.

For those that want to be taped, please add your name"]onto the list here.[/URL] You have to register to do it. Please add as many details about your car as possible so we make sure to get you. We can only film about 50 runs a day ("]here are all the runs from last year so you know what you're getting[/URL]), so I want to make sure to get the right people. Also, when you get to the track we'll be set up with a camera in the stands. If you can please come up and see me I'm going to have something to mark the passenger side window (I'm just going to put a green dot on) so I know which people to tape for sure. In the past we've had a hard time getting all the correct cars so this will ensure accuracy this time.

If anyone has any questions the thread on our site("]is here.[/URL] Also, please feel free to call or text me the day of if you have any problems. My cell # is 714-322-2324. I'll see you guys out there.


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I should be there around 6-7am with the Mrs., see if I can get a better time than [email protected] Can't get thru to the links, is this the same forum as the dyno signup?

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Okay everyone, we wanted to be a little higher tech and ensure we taped people who signed up, so here is how it's going to work. We have had 30 static cling stickers made up. They have an M and then are numbered from 1 to 30. For the 30 people that"]sign up here[/URL] we will give you one of these stickers to put on the inside of your passenger window. They will be visible from the stands so we make sure to get the correct cars.

At the end of the day we'll get the stickers back (we're going to reuse them at future street legal events) and then sync your user name up with the numbers. Once the videos are cut they'll be posted on the site and high resolution copies will be available for download.

To get a sticker, sign up and then the day of the event look for either a 2003 Yellow Mach 1 or a 1982 White Vette and they'll have the stickers for you. If you don't see either of them, then before racing begins come up to the stands and I'll be the guy at the end with a video camera and I'll have some. If anyone has any questions shoot me a PM or give me a call. See you all out there - thanks!

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Videos will go up over the course of the next week.

In the mean time,"]here are some photos that my friend took.[/URL]

Also here are some videos from the dyno day we had to keep you from getting bored:"]0) Greg Red Turbo Cobra[/URL]"]1) Cobra_Matt 2003 Black Cobra[/URL]"]2) blumnday99 2003 Built & Blown Mach 1[/URL]"]3) BlackLandShark 2005 Silverado SS[/URL]"]4) SeanPlunk 2004 Cobra 454rwhp/462rwtq[/URL]"]5) G-pa's 2007 BMW 335i Sedan[/URL]"]6) ULOSE Dark Blue SRT4[/URL]"]7) Deep-GXP Pontiac Solstice GXP[/URL]"]8) n2osage 2003 Twin-Turbo Chevrolet Corvette[/URL]"]9) Asrtive Dodge Charger SRT8[/URL]"]10) 300C SRT8[/URL]"]11) Master_1011 Dodge Charger SRT8[/URL]"]12) v3lzie 04 Cobra Vert.[/URL]"]13) SoCalC55 MB C55 AMG[/URL]"]14) ljudgeii MazdaSpeed 3[/URL]"]15) High HP Cobra[/URL]"]16) AdamVIP Pontiac Solstice GXP w/LNF Tune[/URL]"]17) Ben's Black Camaro Z28 Vert[/URL]"]18) compsystems 03 Lightning w/home ported blower, exhaust, 10psi[/URL]"]19) Grand National w/646rwhp High Dyno for the day[/URL]"]20) unknown's 98 Camaro Z28[/URL]"]21) Ian's 03 Torch Red Cobra[/URL]"]22) slow ride 02 Jim's 02 Camaro SS[/URL]"]23) Ian's friend's Turbo GTI[/URL]"]24) CRZYCUBAN2 SRT4 Caliber[/URL]"]25) Singha BMW 335i with Juice Box tune[/URL]"]26) Black Mustang Cobra[/URL]"]27) Ford Bronco w/Nitrous Over 600whp[/URL]"]28) Black Cobra Aborted Dyno Run[/URL]

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Sorry for the horrible delay everyone, it's a lot of work, but we have the first 60 videos up :)

Here is the list of what's in each video in case you want to look for your car:

1) Viper GTS vs. Yellow C6 Corvette Z06
2) Dodge Challenger SRT8 vs. Eclipse
3) Motorcycles
4) Nordy Racer Honda CBR1000RR vs. Motorcycle
5) Orange Pontiac Fiero vs. 1987 Buick Grand National
6) Very Fast Honda Civic Hatch vs. Toyota Tacoma
7) Red Honda Civic Hatchback vs. Chevrolet El Camino
8) Red Honda Civic Coupe vs. White Honda Civic Hatch
9) Nissan Sentra vs. Silver RX7
10) Asrtive SRT8 Charger vs. Black Honda Civic Sedan
11) Haddad Motorsports G8 vs. Orange Chevelle
12) White Nissan GTR vs. Truck
13) Blue Evo vs. Primer Civic Coupe
14) Red C5 Corvette vs. S197 Black Ford Mustang GT
15) Honda Accord Sedan vs. Boronprez Pontiac G8 Sedan
16) Honda Del Sol vs. 1987 Turbo Buick (Ralph)
17) Black Pontiac G8 vs. Cherry Supra
18) Silver Terminator Cobra vs. White/Blue Stripe Mustang GT500
19) Bullitt S197 vs. Vista Blue w/white stripe S197 Mustang
20) Bullitt S197 Mustang vs. Black S197 Mustang GT
21) Leedom's Mach 1 vs. Honda Prelude
22) ZexGX Firebird vs. Red Honda S2000
23) Buick Grand National vs. Red S197 Mustang
24) Red dumdumdumdum vs. Red C6 Corvette
25) Chevrolet Colorado vs. Black Smart Car
26) Blue Chevelle vs. Red C6 Corvette
27) NBM LS1 Cammed Camaro vs. Black w/Red Stripe dumdumdumdum
28) LS1 powered Blue 240Z vs. Blue Subaru WRX
29) Silver Termi Cobra vs. SN95 Orange Mustang
30) Red RX7 vs. 09 BMW M3
31) Red Gen1 Camaro vs. LT1 White Camaro
32) Red Bel Air vs. Maroon w/gray stripe S197 Mustang
33) Black C5 Corvette vs. 502 powered Jaguar
34) Bigdeezs LS1 powered 240Z vs. Black Hatchback
35) Primer Civic Sedan vs. BMW M3 V8
36) Volkswagen GTI vs. Black Smart Car
37) Silver AMG C63 vs. Blue Lexus IS-F
38) Silver WRX vs. Red 5.0 Mustang
39) Black Termi Cobra vs. DSG Mustang GT
40) Buick Grand National running low 10's vs. White Nissan Altima
41) Red Chevy Cobalt SS vs. White 5.0 Mustang
42) Rezko Infiniti G37 Sedan vs. Black Hatchback
43) Black Car vs. Old Square Body Nova
44) Coobra GT500 vs. Black Nissan Altima
45) Blue dumdumdumdum vs. Black Termi Cobra
46) Orange Chevy Vega vs. Red Integra
47) Black Car vs. Singha BMW 335i Coupe
48) Bike vs. Nordy Racer CBR1000RR
49) Silver Nissan 350z vs. Black Chevrolet Camaro SS LS1
50) Red Honda Civic Coupe vs. White Chevelle?
51) Black Honda Civic Coupe vs. Asrtive Charger SRT8
52) Yellow C6 Corvette Z06 vs. Viper GTS Blue w/white stripes
53) White Honda Civic w/black hood vs. White SN95 Cobra
54) Black Honda Civic Hatch vs. White Camaro w/orange stripe running 10.01
55) Orange Pontiac Fiero vs. Buick Grand National
56) White Honda Civic vs. Dodge Challenger SRT8
57) Silver RX7 vs. Pewter Trailblazer SS
58) Mercedes-Benz CLS550 vs. BMW M3
59) Haddad Motorsports G8 vs. LT1 Impala SS
60) Nissan GTR vs. C6 Corvette Z06"]The videos are all here.[/URL] I think we have about another 10 left that should be up in a day or so. If anyone wants a high resolution copy of a video let me know and I'll set it up.

For anyone attending the next one,"]if you register and add your name onto the list here[/URL] we'll get you next time.

The next Street Legal Drags are on May 2nd.

Thanks again everyone, it was fun watching you all run!

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Last 10 for tonight. I taped more than I thought...the rest should be up by tomorrow.

61) Red Honda Civic Hatch w/black Hood vs. ZexGX Firebird
62) Red S2000 vs. Leedom Mach 1
63) Black Mustang GT vs. Ralph Buick T-Type
64) Silver Termi Cobra vs. Coobra Shelby GT500
65) Boronprez White Pontiac G8 vs. Green Firebird
66) Black Cherry Supra vs. LT1 C4 Corvette
67) BMW 335 vs. Mazda RX7
68) Blue Subaru WRX vs. Silver Subaru WRX
69) Cammed NBM Z28 vs. Black Subaru STi
70) Black C5 Corvette vs. Green LS2 GTO

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Last 9 are up. Here are the participants in the final 9:

71) Blue LS1 240z vs. Silver 300C
72) Bigdeezs LS1 240z vs DSM Eclipse
73) Green Chevelle? vs Buick Grand National
74) Blue WRX vs. Black S197 Mustang GT
75) Black 300C vs. Silver WRX
76) Black Termi Cobra vs. Blue Stage 3 SRT4
77) Coobra GT500 vs. Ram Diesel
78) Black WRX vs. Red Cobalt SS
79) Rezko G37 Sedan running 13's stock vs. White Honda Civic"]Link is here.[/URL] We'll be back at the track May 2nd!
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