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Take Apart Fog Light Question

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Hey guys, my 3i 2004 with fog lights, well my left one is cracked, I ordered new yellow ones from eBay for really cheap but unfortunately, the ebay ones does not have this weird metal thing that surrounds the fog light bulb and well, without it, the fog light is super super bright and goes in all directions.

So Here's a picture of the stock one, see the metal ring inside? There's a screw on top, but how the heck do I access the screw without breaking open the Glass?!?! Or sticking it in the oven? There's no way To access the screw to unscrew it from the bulb hole. Any ideas?

I'd like to remove this metal round thing and put it in the new eBay ones (the ebay ones does have a screw hole to screw the metal thing)

How safe/hard is it doing the oven way?

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The ebay lense is plastic, so you may run into trouble if you throw it in the oven.
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