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I'll post pics later but:

4 x Eclipse SP8972 5x7" Mid-Range Component Speakers and Tweeters
1 x Eclipse PA5422 800w 4-Channel Amp
1 x JL Audio 10w3v2 - in a custom sealed MDF box
Phoenix Gold wiring
1 x Navone LOC

etc, etc.

Amp is mounted hidden under the passenger seat, can't see any wiring.. Sub's in right side of the trunk, can't see any wires there either.. Completely clean.

$1230 was total cost w/ installation. These guys did an awesome job and the set-up is bumpin' as hell.

Done by Lou at Sound Effects in Paramus NJ. Highly recommend these guys, they know way too much about audio, it's scary. ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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