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Switch to throttle cable?

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It seems like most of us 3 owners aren't real excited by the drive-by-wire system that controls the throttle. In the interest of better throttle response, has anyone done or thought about doing a swap to a cable? is this even possible?
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ECU swaps in the Mazda3 are not like other cars that I have done that on before.
The ECU has to be from the same exact car down to all of the features.

Besides the the gain if any from doing this conversion would not be worth the time, effort or money. Atleast in my mind.

You want throttle response open up the complete intake track. It would probally be cheaper to get a larger TB made than do the conversion. Or you could test out other ETB from other cars to see if they will work.
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it can be fixed by tunning software but I'm not sure if anyone is trying to address it. I know that when the new mustang GTs came out (also throttle by wire) they corrected some of the throttle body functions as well as other tuning to drop a sec off its quater mile time.

I'm pretty sure there will never be any tuning of the stock ECU for the Mazda3.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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