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Super nice Autoweek review

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Here is a real positive short Autoweek review of the 5 door.
I can really relate to what he says !

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Chuckles, I like where Raynal said "Corolla S Wagon", I guess he never heard of the Matrix XRS?
:D That's great!

I've alway's admired "Autoweek's drivers log entries" as a great source of information. They usually have two or three seperate staffers provide their own short paragraph long summary based on an extensive testing period where they actually live with the car.... As opposed to other articles where the journalist writes a 10 page article after spending a week-end (at best) with the car in question, ussually at a test track somewhere without really having to live with the car. Its nice to see someone who's probably jaded from testing cars every day recommend the 3 so highly... And if you think they usually generous you should check out their review of the new BMW compact SUV....
I especially like the "49/52-weight distribution"
I especially like the "49/52-weight distribution"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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