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(04 mazda3 HB)

Seems like my caliper is stuck. I heard a little rubbing (not quite grinding from my right rear). Usually when I hit the brake, although I've also heard it when the pedal is not pushed in but that was just once. Also noticed the car pulling to one side.

Jacked it up last night and pulled the wheel off. Drivers side spins freely. Passenger side requires some considerable effort to spin. Rotor doesn't look scarred or anything. I also noticed that the inner pad has alot more wear than the outer. It got dark so I didn't pull the caliper off yet. I'll do that when I get home today. At least the weather's nice. :)

Once I get the caliper off is there a way to repair it or do I just buy a new one. (they're $100 at autozone) :x

Anybody run into something like this? Thanks.

P.S. Brakes are stock.
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