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Strangely conspiracy-like....

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Don't you think so?

This forum, at the pending release of the m3, we're all conspiracy theorists hard at work :p

Here's another one to throw into the pot:

At my dealer on Tuesday (when I went in for the test drive), I saw on the manager's desk, a memo from Mazda Canada. On it, it was noted that there is a "shipping delay" at the docks in Richmond, BC. Nothing to do with Mazda Canada, but it's the fault of the shipping company. Presently, the docks are flooded with "new models" of various companies, and thus causing delays for the shipping of the new m3's. This came from Mazda Canada itself.

So there you have it, another big fat delay in Western Canada.
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That sucks. I'll go to the dealer again maybe on Saturday for test drive and I'll ask about the shipment.
Those damn Canadian dock workers! j/k lol
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