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Stock fog light switch

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Hey, I was wondering if any of the expert around can help me with the problem here. I did search around the forumn but most of the post i found isn't really what i need...or maybe i just missed it...well here it is...

I just bought a set of fog light on ebay, try installing them and found out that i already have the stock wire behind the bumper and a green harness under dash. I still try to put the switch that came with the fog light in but somehow it didnt work i went around the forumn and found the part number for the stock switch....but the stock switch isnt just a fog light switch next to the dim, the fog is attach to the headlight at the steering wheel? So i was wondering if anybody know the part number for a switch that i can install next to the dimmer and not the steering wheel switch...

btw: my fog light kit is exactly like this one
but i also have the stock wiring for both the lights and under dash...and the one from ebay dont fit in stock...

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i have an i model and i installed the factory fog light kit and it does replace the light stalk on the steering column.. it was really easy to install everything from the kit.. the instructions are very thorough just like my auto dim instructions and i didn't have any problems installing anything and i'm not the handy type.. but the stalk just replaces the old stalk and it looks great. i'd rather have the light stalk on the steering column then have a switch by the dimmer.. i think it just looks better and that switch from ebay isn't the same color as the rest of the interior.. you can just purchase the stalk from the dealer for $60 and it will work with your aftermarket fogs.
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