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Stock fog light switch

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Hey, I was wondering if any of the expert around can help me with the problem here. I did search around the forumn but most of the post i found isn't really what i need...or maybe i just missed it...well here it is...

I just bought a set of fog light on ebay, try installing them and found out that i already have the stock wire behind the bumper and a green harness under dash. I still try to put the switch that came with the fog light in but somehow it didnt work i went around the forumn and found the part number for the stock switch....but the stock switch isnt just a fog light switch next to the dim, the fog is attach to the headlight at the steering wheel? So i was wondering if anybody know the part number for a switch that i can install next to the dimmer and not the steering wheel switch...

btw: my fog light kit is exactly like this one
but i also have the stock wiring for both the lights and under dash...and the one from ebay dont fit in stock...

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[quote author=wytwolf link=topic=69595.msg1213641#msg1213641 date=1171719440]
There is not "stock fog light switch" in the dash next to the dimmer. The stock fog light knob (more like a ring actually) is on the stalk with the head knob.
Anybody know what the OEM i model fog light kit use for a switch? If it is a real dealer-installed kit it would see awkward to replace the turn signal stalk.
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