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Steve/NSN in New Hampshire March 10th and 11th.

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I will be visiting New Hampshire the weekend of March 10th and 11th. I'd like to meet as many members as I can on that Sunday morning before my flight leaves that afternoon. So anyone interested let me know! I'll probably have to be near the airport for expediency reasons.

Shout out if any of you east coasters think you'd be interested in making it out!


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hey steve, i was the guy that you sat next to on the plane while you where flying into manchester NH. That was a great flight, i learned a lot. Wish my Mazda3 wasn't in Ohio or i would have joined you guys. Hope you had fun this sunday, if you get this tell me how well that turbo got installed in that guys 3.
Mazda3 of NH - Dan
Wow, that's an interesting way to meet! :lol:

Sure you didn't plan that flight and asked for that seat just to sit next to Steve?
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