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Stephie got dropped!

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Just wanted to share a few pictures of my new drop, courtesy of Progress Sprint springs. :klavergreg:

I couldn't get very good pictures because it was just too darn sunny out (and I'm not a photographer), but you get the idea 8)

Front wheelgap

back wheelgap (or lack of?)

She's dirty but I love her!
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Its about time Stephie! Now wash her.
:love: :hugglez: :boink: :bowdown: :bananadance: :bananahump: :bigok: :goodjob: :rhigareda: :rsx_r04: :agbullet: :exnbpup: :dance2: :yay: :awais: :blue: :crazy: :wavey: :love: :hugglez: :boink: :bowdown: :bananadance: :bananahump: :bigok: :goodjob: :rhigareda: :rsx_r04: :agbullet: :exnbpup: :dance2: :yay: :awais: :blue: :crazy: :wavey: :love: :hugglez: :boink: :bowdown: :bananadance: :bananahump: :bigok: :goodjob: :rhigareda: :rsx_r04: :agbullet: :exnbpup: :dance2: :yay: :awais: :blue: :crazy: :wavey: :love: :hugglez: :boink: :bowdown: :bananadance: :bananahump: :bigok: :goodjob: :rhigareda: :rsx_r04: :agbullet: :exnbpup: :dance2: :yay: :awais: :blue: :crazy: :wavey: other words, nice.....
thanks dudes!!

I completely detailed her last Sunday, even used a porter cable on it, and 3 days later, it rains. :| it's almost pointless to wash your car and expect to keep it dry for the first few weeks of spring here.
Do you install them yourself or did you take it to a shop?
My mechanic installed them for me :goodjob:
oo snap..... looks good steph!!
now put some tire shine on those bad boys
congrats! looks hawt.

should have done them yourself though. its a fun install. :)

Edit: i just realized, you've still got side mouldings. whats that deal?
lookin good !

I dont know why but I am sure that theres a hot girl behind that steering wheels !

good job steph! those are the springs ill be ordering shortly for my hatch 8)
I am putting mine in on wed steph. Your car looks great I'm glad u finally put them in.
lol it does seem like everyone is dropping their cars now.. I guess it's jusst becoming summer time almost?
Looks awesome Steph! I'm just about to drop my hatch too.. I've got some Eibach pro-kit springs sitting on my bedroom floor at the moment. My buddy Millcity3 is going to help me install them, hopefully some upcoming weekend :D
wowwowweewah! welcome to the club!

[quote author=maxuz link=topic=73669.msg1307703#msg1307703 date=1175556992]

should have done them yourself though. its a fun install. :)

Any plans for a photoshoot, Steph?
looks really good :goodjob:

i'm thinking i have to get it done at some point as well! it really does make a huge difference in the overall look.
1 - 20 of 105 Posts
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