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2005 Mazda 3 Harchback 2.3L Hey all, forgive my ignorance. I’ve never gotten the opportunity to work on a car, but I’ll do my best to explain the situation.
I recently had new brakes and rotors put on my Mazda, I believe the mechanics left some air in the lines and did not bleed it out so I’m not sure if that plays into my problem. I had a ball joint on my front curbside tire replaced, and today I had a balance and rotation done at a reputable service center, I had new tires put on a year and a half ago but did not know to have them balanced at the time.
So every time I’m traveling over 40mph going down hills, and 50mph on flat ground and I apply the brakes, my steering wheel starts to shake pretty bad. It was worse before my recent balance and rotation but it’s still there.

I’m sure someone here has had a similar issue, was curious if anyone has an accurate diagnosis in their experience and potential fix.
Recently had oil change as well.
My check engine light is on for the Mass air flow sensor, a mechanic friend sprayed cleaner into it and disconnected the battery, but the light came back on. Although I do notice some gain in power.
car has almost 170,000 miles on it.
Someone help, I’m an idiot and kinda too broke at the moment to go exploring.
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