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Hi Guys!

Got my 07 mazda 3 hatch exactly a week ago and have already replaced the front brakes...
Anyways i would be curious to hear some suggestions as to what i should modify, or at least give me some idea.
As for now, this is what i'd like to do:

- Aftermarket Head unit
- Aftermarket speakers (not a sub)
- Tint
- Paint my stock rims black (since for now i don't have enough money to spend on a good set of rims)
- Paint my calipers
- Blackout some of the badges, and get rid of some other ones.

Anything else you guys would suggest?
I appreciate your input :grin:

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Looks like a pretty good start :)

Cant think of too much else right now, but here are some thoughts off the top of my head:

I forget when they stopped putting ugly whip antennas on, but if you have one of those, get a stubby

If you have 2 keys, make a third spare, will save you a lot of money if you ever lose one

Add a second low tone horn so the horn doesn't sound so lame

Only 'performance' thing I would also suggest a SRI (intake) because it cleans up the engine bay, gives you a cleanable filter, and it makes the car sound great!
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